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UBB & UBB Grands Crus

UBB & UBB Grands Crus

“Sport Inside Asia is proud to represent Bordeaux all around the world”

After successfully managing the investment to the club in 2015 from the famous Hong Kong hedge fund Gavekal, Sport Inside Asia is proud to represent the commercial rights of UBB in the international market, especially in Asia.

UBB is not just a simple rugby club but part of a historic region with plenty of different opportunities inside and outside of Rugby including wine, business, new technology, travel, business development in France and sporting relations, the Bordeaux brand is unlimited in its opportunities.

UBB compete in the Top 14. A league composed of the 14 best teams in France that attracts the biggest names in the world of Rugby. It is a club based in Bordeaux which is in the north of the Aquitaine region in France.

The city of Bordeaux was declared by UNESCO as the second favourite city after Paris (BVA survey 2013). Renowned for its dynamism and quality of life, it is also a city recognised for its wine heritage and in fact, the passion for Rugby and wine in the area has allowed the creation of UBB Grand Crus, a partnership between some of the most famous wine chateaux in the region and UBB.